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The Welsh House - Community Engagement

The Welsh House, Swansea, launched a partnership with Swansea Council’s Ageing Well team and their partner organisations including Action for Elders on St. David’s Day, 2024. Since then they have served over 1,500 breakfasts on a Friday morning for the Social Cuppa & Chat morning.This community initiative has been created to simply help the ageing community to simply age well, by having safe place for them to come meet friends, socialise and participate in activities. The Welsh House brand values are to support local businesses and be hub of the community which makes for the perfect partnership for the initiative.

Rhys Ananicz, Ageing Well Partnership & involvement Co-ordinator stated

“It’s been brilliant working in collaboration with the Welsh House, our Tea and Chat sessions have been a great success ever since our big launch event on St David’s day this year! Working in partnership with local businesses is what allows our Ageing Well work to continue to grow. The Welsh House has quickly become a fantastic, inclusive venue for older people in Swansea to get out of the house, socialise, meet new people and make new friends. Community members who attend the sessions have shared that they feel very welcome and that the staff, food, hot drinks and music are all absolutely fantastic!”

Myles Operations Manager, Action for Elders stated  ''Our weekly tea and chat sessions have become a great success since the Welsh house started to host us. Their staff have made all our participants feel so welcome and accommodate all their needs. Since Action for Elders started this session along with Swansea Council's Ageing well team we have seen a community built of over 400 older people across Swansea and we are so happy that the Welsh House can be part of our journey and community in Swansea''

 Joanna Davies, Operations manager who has lead working with the council and action for elders team stated

“Working with the team at Swansea Council and seeing the way they have made such positive changes to the way they interact with different public sectors to help on a one to one level and provide positive preventative support, is incredibly inspiring. Our restaurant supports an inclusive community and being able to provide a platform for a positive change is something were very proud of. We absolutely love welcoming the group to our venue, it’s always a great way to start the weekend and the social and community value in the service is truly something were proud to be a part of. We’re also very grateful of the support we’ve received from the council and action for the elder’s team. Were really looking forward to working with them over the rest of 2024!

After the success of the initiative, this will continue to be ran over the summer to find out more great local events they run you can visit the following:

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