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Pure Welsh Passion

Welsh Superstar Mezzo Soprano, Katherine Jenkins OBE, founded Cygnet in 2022. When Katherine discovered a little-known Welsh spirit in 2021, she was inspired to create her very own range of premium spirits, hand-crafted in her home country of Wales.
The world-class gin has been developed by the Cygnet team to off er an exceptional ‘Best in Glass’ experience.
In collaboration with her husband Andrew Levitas, the artist and social-impact filmmaker and Eric Villency, who designed products such as Peloton and Rock Star Energy drinks.

Katherine designed the beautiful reusable glass bottles, brand logos and selected the botanicals for the new Cygnet spirit range.
Cygnet 22 is a true disruptor and one of the first gin products designed to be sipped or enjoyed with your favorite mixer.

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Liquid Passion

Park and Landway Farms have been farmed by the Thomas family since 1958. Prior to this the Thomas family farmed a couple of miles away at Guiltar Grove growing early potatoes
during the 30’s and 40’s. Their son Harry joined the farming business in the late nineties. Since then with the
unfortunate demise of the Pembrokeshire early potato industry as it was, the farm has focused on building a successful arable enterprise growing wheat, barley, oilseed rape and beans. A large new grain store was put up in 2011 to improve harvest operations and provide a large grain drying facility for the farms grain.

The next part of the jigsaw sawthe set up of their own crushing plant to produce Pembrokeshire Gold Extra Virgin Cold
Pressed Rapeseed Oil om some of the rapeseed produced. Hopefully this new venture will help secure the family farm for the fourth generation.

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The World’s finest sea salt

In 1997, a er leaving a saucepan of seawater to boil on their family Aga in as the salt crystals started to form, founders Alison and David knew they’d struck culinary gold. They started
supplying Halen Môn Sea Salt to a local butchers in Menai Bridge on the Isle of Anglesey. Today, their Welsh sea salt is enjoyed around the world by chefs, food lovers and even
former US President Barack Obama. It has been served at the London 2012 Olympics, political summits and royal weddings. Thousands of customers agree it is the best salt for cooking.

Their sea salt can be found in more than 22 countries across the globe as well as on the tables of some of the world’s top restaurants, more importantly it’s still for sale at the same
local butchers where it all started.

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Italian heritage, Welsh ingredients

Inspired in Italy and made in Wales. Mario Dallavalle is a third generation ice cream maker who has combined his Italian heritage with the fi nest Welsh ingredients to produce
luxuriously indulgent dairy ice cream. With over forty years experience in traditional ice cream making techniques, Mario
ensures that all his milk and double cream is sourced om the lushest Welsh pastures.

One of the secrets behind his multi award winning luxury ice cream is the best quality milk and cream from local family farms... not to mention a little Italian passion thrown
in for good measure. Their method of ageing overnight results in a subtle texture and unsurpassed flavour
hence the multiple awards won.

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A true family business

It all started back in 1990 om humble beginnings, when founder Alan Wenden saw a need to create a tea which would compliment Wales’ wonderful water! His meticulous
work & dedication resulted in the creation of our original everyday tea – a blend of quality Indian & African teas… and TA-DA… Welsh Brew Tea was born!

For the last thirty years, Alan, James & Sarah have worked on establishing a tea as an iconic Welsh brand, creating a unique blend of African and Indian teas, specifically
blended to complement our wonderful Welsh water. And their story continues for onesimple reason – those who try Welsh Brew, keep buying it.

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The taste of tradition

From its origins in West Wales dating back as far as 1890 Shirgar has long since been recognised as an iconic Welsh butter brand and a fi rm favourite with many. Still traditionally made in Carmarthenshire to the traditional values and quality that the
brand has always believed in.

Made to a traditional recipe its distinctive flavour truly sets this apart  from its rivals making this a leading premium butter brand in the market and perefect for cooking both
savory and sweet dishes.

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Finest beans, roasted with passion

Fab Four Coffee, founded by former Welsh rugby players James Hook, Lee Byrne, and Shane Williams, started as a passion for coffee before leading to a business opportunity.
Prior to Fab Four Coffee, the Wales and British & Irish Lions players spent almost all of their time together, so when the day came to go their separate ways, they knew they had to
find a way to still work together.

Some may think that starting a Welsh Coffee Brand is a far reach from Welsh Rugby, but with their passion for coffee and love for their country, the boys decided to start Fab Four Coffee offering top-grade coffee sourced from seasonal coffee regions throughout the world roasted in the heart of UK.

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Artisan Welsh cheese

Cheese Making began in the family as far back as 1903 with Carwyn Adams great, great, grandmothers Lizzie Wyn and Leisa Jones making cheese for the family and to sell at the
local market. The tradition stayed in the family until 1987 when Gwynfor and Thelma
Adams (Carwyns Parents) rekindled the family tradition and Caws Cenarth was born!
Crafting organic, fresh-flavoured cheeses for over three generations, Caws Cenarth is the
oldest established producer of Welsh Farmhouse Caerffi li (PGI).

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Welsh liquid gold

Distilling in Wales was a lost art, but in the late 1990s, in a Hirwaun pub in the Welsh
valleys, a group of friends chatted about establishing the first whisky distillery in Wales in over a century. They dreamt of creating a whisky as pure and precious as Welsh gold,
represented today by Penderyn’s ‘gold seam’.
The village of Penderyn was chosen because of the site’s own supply of fresh natural spring water.

A unique copper single-pot still designed by Dr David Faraday, a relative of the great 19th-century scientist Michael Faraday,
was installed in 2000, which produces a spirit at an industry
high draw of 92%, meaning Penderyn’s whiskies are light,
fruity and flavoursome.

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